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About Us

The Saphu Records Catalog offers recordings of contemporary jazz artists in classic, timeless style. Since 1993 Saphu Records has featured select West coast jazz musicians performing original compositions and time honored jazz standards. As an independent boutique-type label, Saphu Records provides jazz artists with the benefits associated with label membership without surrendering artistic control of their music. The result of this artistic freedom is music created by the artist’s vision rather than the requirement to fullfil a label’s quota of commercially palatable products. Traditional jazz instrumentation ( the Tony Pacini Trio’s piano, bass, drums configuration ) as well as the unorthodox ( Keith Barry on jazz viola ) are represented in the Saphu collection. Saphu Records, created, owned and operated by professional musicians.

Since it’s inception, Saphu recordings have utilized the latest digital technology in both studio and live recordings in order to bring the music as acoustically true as possible to the listener. This is what we call Real Jazz.

Explore our WebPages and find CDs by catalog number and/or title. Feel free to download Mp3s or sit back and enjoy streaming audio samples, including complete tunes. Be sure to visit our ‘News Page’ for upcoming additions to the Saphu catalog.

All of our CDs are available for purchase with secure online retail services provided by our friends at CCNow, and PayPal.

Please feel free to contact us

GENERAL INQUIRIES: info@saphurecords.com

ARTISTS SEEKING AFFILIATION: management@saphurecords.com


Saphu Records – created, owned and operated by professional musicians.

Please feel free to contact us.

  • General Inquiries: info@saphurecords.com
  • Artists Seeking Affiliation: management@saphurecords.com
  • Saphu Studios: studio@saphurecords.com
  • Backing Tracks: info@saphurecords.com


  • In House Recording Studio: studio@saphurecords.com
  • Graphic Design and Websites: designdepartment@saphurecords.com
  • Professional Writers: wordsmiths@saphurecords.com
  • Backing Tracks: studio@saphurecords.com

Saphu Records L.L.C. 7518 S.E. Lincoln Street Portland, Oregon 97215

  • Main phone: 503-805-4834
  • fax: 503-788-0419
  • Design Department: 503-970-1927

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Ed Bennett – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ed Bennett

Tony Pacini – Executive Officer

Tony Pacini

Feb. 9, 2009

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