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Due to server constraints, you may only download one mp3 per transaction at checkout. You may consecutively purchase as many mp3s as you like as individual transactions. Our server only allows 10mb of data transfer per download session. This is equal to roughly 1 – 2 songs per download depending on the size of the mp3 file, and the file size may differ dramatically based on the length of the tune. Because shared servers “time-out” above the 10mb maximum, we advise you to only download one mp3 per transaction. You may not receive your mp3s if you attempt to download in excess of 10mb, – in other words, if you attempt to download more than one mp3 per transaction. Saphu Records would like you to receive your mp3 products, so if you have somehow overlooked our privacy policy, email us at: info@saphurecords.com and we’ll send them ( your Mp3s ), to you. PLEASE NOTE: To save time ( ours and yours ), please just download one mp3 per transaction.


Saphu Records LLC reserves the right to not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you have read our policies regarding mp3 downloads, ever happen to suffer a loss, inconvenience, and/or damage from proceeding to our mp3 checkout page before reading such policies. 


JAZZ BLOG POLICIES MAY BE FOUND AT: http://saphurecords.com/wordpress/?p=1093


As an independent, boutique-style, jazz label, ( owned and operated by musicians ), our mission is to carve a niche in the Pacific Northwest Jazz market and offer those affiliated artists consigning their products with us 80% to 90% profit per product transaction. In other words, we know what it’s like working as independent artists / labels in a corporate dominated music industry. ( Decades of practice, performance and experience are going into an arrangement or song that the public may download for less than what they would pay for a cup of coffee). Therefore, we have adopted the policy of rewarding our great jazz artists appropriately for their commitment and contribution in jazz.  Do you?  Do you Saphu?

Thanks for understanding,
The Saphu Staff

How to Saphu – please read below

Welcome Jazz Enthusiast: You have found the new Saphu Records Website. Please note: we are a little ahead of our scheduled 2010 global launch right now, and thus have not secured the mechanical licenses for all of our digital downloads yet. Mechanical Licensing is needed for the “cover tunes”. That said, please note that all of our artist’s original tunes are available for download. Click here to get started downloading…

We originally planned to launch our new Website in 2010, but being we’re so excited about it, we decided to move into our new space early – feel free to have a look around! The digital downloads are functioning, and as soon as we have secured mechanical licensing for “cover tunes”, those will be available too.

Important: Since we have not officially launched the new Website, we are only providing help and support for V.I.P.s, active staff members, affiliated artists, and/or authorized sub-contractors of Saphu Records L.L.C. at this time.

If you received a special promotion, discount code, and or “V.I.P.” invitation, and you experience any difficulty in downloading mp3s, please email us for help and support at: info@saphurecords.com

We value our customers, and are very excited to offer new services and products in the year to come – (2010).
Thank you,
Saphu Staff

Do You Saphu? Just go to the Mp3s Page and “Saphu” (start downloading that is)…

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