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Saphu Recording Studios:

Studio and Backing Tracks
Welcome to the Saphu RecordsRecording Studio. (Please feel free to contact us).
Let’s get your project started!

About Saphu Studios:

Saphu Studios is an active department of Saphu Records. At our studios we are constantly recording Real Jazz for CD and Mp3 delivery.

Several titles in our own Real Jazz CD catalog, as well as almost all of our music made exclusively for our Real Jazz Mp3 Catalog have been recorded at our facility.

Additionally, Saphu Studios actively records accompaniment (what we call “Backing Tracks”), which are the rhythm section tracks for solo artists, singers, and students. Just let us know what tunes you need recorded, the keys and tempos you do them in, and we will send you your choice of either a wav-file, mp3s, and / or mastered tracks which you can use for practice, demos, mp3s, or even commercially replicated CDs.

Please feel free to contact us about rates, available artists and scheduling.

Let’s get your project started!

Contact: studio@saphurecords.com
Phone: 503-805-4834 P.S.T. 9am -1pm

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