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Mark Simon CD Release Event / CD Release Party for Bass 10, Sunday April 15th, Ivories Jazz Lounge and Restaurant, 2-5:30pm.


Mark Simon CD Release Event: CD Release Party for Bass 10, Sunday April 15th, Ivories Jazz Lounge and Restaurant, 2-5:30pm.

Mark Simon – piano, and many of the bassists on the CD will be there with some surprise guests sitting in!

Mark Simon is a well-loved Portland jazz pianist who is dealing with a major medical issue. He has liver disease and is waiting for an eventual liver transplant. He has recently recorded a stellar new album, “Mark Simon/Bass 10.” It features 10 of the Northwest’s finest bass players, who all donated their talents to the project. The proceeds from this concert, including CD sales, will help with Mark’s on-going living expenses and will celebrate the wealth of talent we have here!

It’s a very happening, recital-like performance, as one experiences Simon oh-so-comfortably interpreting standards and jazz classics with ten like-minded pals. A nicely conceived and beautifully performed CD.
George Fendel, writer for the Oregon JazzScene

I’ve known Mark since I was a teenager. He was one of the first pianists I played jazz with. I remember when I first switched from electric to acoustic bass, he told me, “you have a lot of work to do”. I have always appreciated his honesty and seriousness. This collection of duets displays what has always been true of Mark – he plays with enormous soul and feeling, with a beautiful touch and sound, and with complete love of the music at hand.
Ben Wolfe, NYC Bassist and Composer (Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., Diana Krall).

I truly wish I would have been in Portland to be part of this well conceived and soulfully realized project. But, alas, it is evident that Portland is not suffering from a lack of great bassists. Thoughtful pianist, Mark Simon has gathered 10 fine bassists to hit this set of standard chestnuts with both space and insight. The piano and bass duet format is one of my favorite settings and this recording was done masterfully. There is a “living room” sound to the pieces that has a delicate intimacy I really enjoy, reminiscent of some of Charlie Haden’s duet outings with great pianists. Speaking of great pianists, well done and a tip of the hat to you Mark. Not only is the 10 bass scenario beautiful, but your patient playing is a real breath of fresh air. Every jazz wise listener should hear this CD. Once again, well done Mr. Simon!
Kelly Roberti, recipient of the 2010 Montana Governor’s Arts Award (Eddie Harris, Sonny Rollins, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson, Herb Ellis, Tommy Flanagan, and many others).

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